GhostReader - High Quality Text to Speech for Mac

High Quality Text To Speech for Mac

While our TextAloud product is available for Windows only, we do have a great text to speech utility for the Mac.  GhostReader uses human-sounding Acapela voices to read your text aloud or convert it to files on your Mac.

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  • Listen Aloud or make Audio Files for iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, or CD Player
  • Writers listen to proofread and develop your writing
  • Learn faster and with better comprehension by listening while you read with word highlighting
  • Reduce eye strain, listen while you drive or workout
  • Create personal podcasts by converting your text to audio files or iTunes tracks
GhostReader is great for listening to text on your computer:
  • Proofread your documents, emails, or that novel you are working on. It is amazing how many errors get by your eyes and even a spell check, but you'll notice them immediately when you listen.
  • Having trouble keeping up with all of those emails or news stories you find on the web? Multi-task by listening to longer stories or documents while you delete all that spam.
  • Eyes not quite as good as they used to be?  Ease that eye strain by having GhostReader read that fine print for you.
  • Improve reading comprehension, or help with dyslexia or other reading disabilities as you follow word highlighting.
GhostReader can create MP3 files from any text:
  • Catch up on the latest news during your commute.
  • Create your own audiobook to entertain you while you go to the gym or for a walk.
  • Create your own personal podcasts, synced directly to iTunes.
  • Maybe you hate to ignore all those emails, but there are just too many. Listen to Emails instead while you prepare dinner.
  • Much More...
Just some of GhostReader's Features include:
  • Listen to Text, Word, HTML, PDF and RTF files.
  • Create bookmarkable audiobooks.
  • Speak selected text in any application.
  • Universal Binary (PPC and Intel) requiring Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 or later
  • Includes 4 or 20 Infovox iVox Credits to license one of more high quality text-to-speech voices of choice.
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